We’ve always wanted to be a part of and stay connected with our community, helping out and being involved wherever we can – and that’s why we have chosen to support The KZN High Schools’ FA, which provides an amazing structure for organised youth football.

Lucky for us, in a recent match day we had Westville and KZN legend, Dave Guselli there to choose man of the match. Still involved in school sports and being a vital pillar in the Westville community, Dave, we salute you!

Talented players from all corners of the province gather at Westville Old Boys’ Sports Club and play some exciting football which has even attracted the likes of SuperSport Schools.

Jukes has been able to surprise and delight referees, assistants and commentators with some well deserved pizzas. We have also donated vouchers for every elected Man of The Match.

The teams battle it out every Wednesday and all the games can be streamed LIVE on their app! Go show your support!


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