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Enjoy a crisp, local beer or gin and tonic when visiting Jukes Pizza.

Because there is nothing better than pizza & beer…

Ryan Stylz

Our resident Vinyl Spinner and party-starter! We have him for his talent and his music, but we think he’s actually just here for the pizza! Give him a call to play music at your function, big or small!

Find him here

If you’ve been passed Jukes and heard him play give him a shoutout here and show some love!

community upliftment programs

We realised now more than ever, supporting the local community is such an importance in times like these. We thank each and every one of you out there who are supporting your local restaurants and providing a much needed income for so many people. Your support goes a long way, as far as backing and funding the upgrades and upkeep of the Westville gardens.

This initiative is providing much needed jobs and uplifting the area. Well done to all of you who support us and all the other local restaurants, we see you and we appreciate every order, tip or ounce of support we receive.

Enjoy the best pizza and drinks combined together.

Voted Durban’s #1 Pizza in 2021